Not sure where to start?


If you're not sure where to start, and need help with pretty much everything, this is the consultation is for you. This will include channel evaluation from channel art, youtube thumbnails, video editing style, playlists sorting based on your niche, video background staging and online presence in video. This does NOT include any of the training programs. This is just an evaluation, helping you to realign your YouTube, and what tools you can use to accomplish it if your are a "do-it-yourself" type of person. This is a 2 hour Consultation.



In this online course, if you're not using an editing software or if you are, I will help you to understand the what, why and how-to to begin creating better looking YouTube Thumbnails to help increase your views and watch time.  Nothing worse than spending all that time to design a great video, with Awesome content, and it barely gets any views. If you plan to remain on YouTube, this is ONE of the things that should be on your list to improve.


creating a VIDEO EDITING style


For this package, you will need to record a video for us to edit together through screen share. You will need access to some sort of video editing program such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere, and have basic editing knowledge with using the blade tool to slice and how to select portions of the clip. In this 3 hour program, I will show you what to look for to keep your videos entertaining with what's relevant and what should be deleted. This will also help you with understanding what you should consider recording prior to editing. In our session, I will edit the version I have, and you will get a chance to do the same via screen share.


There is also a up to 5 hour program available if you would like to complete an entire video from creating your video intro and end screen for all your youtube videos.

Youtube Staging & Lighting setup


In this consultation, we'll look over your YouTube stage setup, which includes lighting setup, backdrops and all associated with setting the stage for what your online viewers will see. I will make suggestions on what to use, along with helping you to setup your current stage with what you have, along with where to setup your lighting based on your space. Unsure of what lighting to get? Check out this video. This is a 3 hour online consultation.